You are a Jukebox that needs coins to keep running
Don’t let the music stop. Get coins!

Game for Ludum Dare 44 - April 2019
Theme: "Your life is currency"
⭐ #63 - Overall
⭐ #20 - Audio
⭐ #41 - Innovation

How to Play 🎮

• Click and use the mouse to move the coins to the jukebox

• You win if time runs out and the jukebox has coins

• You lose if the jukebox coins run out

Dev. Notes 📑

• All game content was developed during game jam (i.e. Art, Music, Code, etc)

• Move the mouse gently for best accuracy

• New mechanics after level 2

• We will make a mobile version in the future 📱

Install instructions

Unzip and Play


Jukebox Windows 17 MB
Jukebox Windows - Jam Version 19 MB


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I thought level 8 was impossible, but finally got the hang of it. Also left the waiters some nice tips ;-).

Well done! Level 8 is really difficult. Thanks for playing =]


That game is so amazing!!!

Mechanics is so simple and fun, I liked so much :).

Art and sounds in that pub environment was very good.

Good Luck,

Fiwon (Inoue)

Thanks for playing. I’m glad you had fun =]